Supporting Salvadorian Youth Development through Education and Leadership Training

July 25, 2012

Since 1991, The Union of Rural Communities of Northern San Salvador and La Libertad (UCRES), has been one of SHARE’s closest grassroots partners. In our aim to continue to advocate for respect for civil and political rights and to formulate development programs, we have currently established a project to enhance youth development. Youth that participate in this project receive formal education and experience in community organizing and leadership. 25 high school youth from UCRES have been awarded scholarships which enable them to acquire a high school diploma and even allow them to pursue a professional career at a university.

As we learn of their great progress we know that the experiences provided to the youth will benefit them in the long run, as well as their communities.

Organizing in UCRES: Scholarship Students off and running!

The school year is in full swing in El Salvador. SHARE Scholarship students are busy with classes, homework, and projects in their communities. With the support of SHARE Grassroots Partners 25 scholarship students in the UCRES region have access to the uniforms, materials, and transportation they need to continue their studies.

Each month scholarship students attend assemblies where all of the scholarship students from the region gather to enjoy each others company, learn about the national reality, and participate in leadership development workshops.

This month, the assembly started out with a dynamica to break the ice and get the conversations flowing between the students. This was also a great way to practice leading similar activities in their communities and speaking in front of a large group.

Dynamicas at UCRES

The president of UCRES, Alexander Torres, announced that UCRES will be partnering with the Ministry of Education of El Salvador this year to lead literacy circles. The Ministry of Education will provide materials and trainings to scholarship students to prepare them to lead literacy circles for 4-5 people in their community. Due to the civil war and poverty many people in rural El Salvador did not have an opportunity to attend school. This is an exciting partnership as the Salvadoran Government is taking steps to increase literacy in rural communities.

Students were also excited to talk about a recent visit from students at Eastern Michigan University in early May. Some of the Scholarship students hosted students from Michigan in their communities and enjoyed sharing stories from their time together.



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