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May 10, 2013

Glendy, an UCRES scholarship recipient, hopes to become a doctor one day.

On Sunday, April 26th, around 30 bleary-eyed students wandered into the UCRES offices in Aguilares, El Salvador. After about 20 minutes and a little bit of coffee, the volume of chatter rose in the assembly room. Another UCRES scholarship student assembly was underway.

After a formal introduction and greetings from UCRES team members Santiago and Alfonso, students shared their community work plans with their peers. Students in Las Arenas will help their community by organizing a street cleaning campaign and will plant trees throughout the community to revitalize green spaces. Other groups will present their youth committee’s workplan for 2013, and all are encouraged to share their plan with their respective community councils.

Glendy Alemán Madrid was kind enough to sit down and reflect on her experiences and opportunities though UCRES. Glendy studies “a distancia”, though distance learning, to finish her high school diploma. Current president of Huisisilapa’s youth committee, Glendy hopes to become a doctor one day. UCRES students will also soon begin their literacy circles, helping adults in their communities learn to read. Ministry of Education trainings will take place in May and upon distribution of materials, students will begin teaching. Ten high school scholarship students have already received training this year, and average two literacy students per high school facilitator thus far.

As a SHARE high school scholarship recipient, how has your life changed?

It’s changed a lot, because, well, I’m almost never home! There is always something going on. I have had new opportunities and new experiences.

What are the challenges that you face as a youth?

One of the challenges I face is to graduate from high school, go to college and pursue medicine in order to become a doctor.

What is the best part about participating in the scholarship program?

The best part is that I’ve gotten to make new friends, I’ve been to new places, and I’ve really liked it a lot.

Why do you think youth organization is important?

When youth are organized, they aren’t tempted to get involved with gangs, and instead they help with projects in their communities.

What would you like to say to grassroots partners in the United States?

Thank you so much for the support you share with us through the scholarship program! I hope you continue to reach for your goals and have much success!




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