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Delegate Spotlight: Judy

December 9, 2014

Our new blog series, Delegate Spotlight, will feature past participants from SHARE’s major delegations. A delegate is someone who travels with a group (delegation) to El Salvador to learn about the history, politics, and people to better accompany the Salvadoran people. Interested in becoming a SHARE delegate? Check out our major delegation page for information on the upcoming Romero Delegation in March! 

Spotlight on: Judy Swett, CSJA, Boston, MA

Why did I decide to participate in the LCWR/ SHARE FOUNDATION in solidarity “Honoring Religious Women delegation” in 2012? The fact is my name was drawn in a lottery that the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston provided for its Sisters and Associates and my  immediate response was YES! As a woman religious educator and social justice advocate,  I was profoundly moved by the horrific assassinations of Archbishop Romero in March and the Four Women Martyrs in December, 1980. So in the year 2012, after witnessing the crackdown of the Vatican on LCWR it  was for me a call and  privilege to represent the Boston CSJ’s along with Lois Connors, CSJ , Claire Morrissey,CSJ and Mary Rita Weschler CSJA along with over 50 other LCWR religious women from the US.

What did I gain from this experience? For me the entire program and process was liberating! The women and men I met on the Camino, taught me well about faith, suffering and resilience. Their moving testimonies of organized repression, oppression and the forced disappearance of loved ones was heart breaking. Having been inspired and challenged, I am working for Truth and Justice for the people of El Salvador and will continue to ‘speak truth to power.’ Read More »

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