Update from Some Women Leaders!

August 22, 2016


Last month there was a closing ceremony for a pilot education project aimed at adolescent girls in 9 education centers in the Tecoluca municipality in San Vicente. The project included workshops that taught the adolescent’s about gender equality, self-esteem, self-care, violence prevention, human rights, and sexual and reproductive health with the hopes of preparing girls to value their rights, prevent abuse, and distance themselves from violence.

To achieve these goals, it is important to have the support of local leaders and of the girls’ families. In El Salvador it is crucial for girls to receive an education creates the capacity to guarantee a better future for themselves and their families, and that permits true development in communities with a focus on solidarity and social justice. As they say, “Educating women is educating society.”SDC10053_________________________________________________________________________________

This past June an exchange was held between organized women from CCR and UCRES, with lots of support and participation from the Gender Units of the Las Vueltas and Chalatenango mayoralties and the Association of Vueltences Women. SHARE supports projects and organizations in both of these regions. The objective of the gathering was for the participants to share organizing experiences. The women from CCR talked about their organizing processes, and their work on the topic of food sovereignty and home gardens. They also talked about their experiences with micro loan cooperatives. At the same time, the women from UCRES shared the challenges they’ve had in their community, and the ways that they have solved them. Awards were given out to some of the leaders in both organizations. After, they visited the women’s municipal building in Las Vueltas, where there is a room for things like exercising, yoga, reading, and using the internet. It is an important space for women in the area. After, they visited a home garden where women shared their knowledge of plants that grow well in the area, and that have a high nutritional value. All of the amazing work these women are doing is possible thanks to supporters like you!b19fd380-3a1e-4ebe-a716-e48c81b10a91

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