Delegation Spotlight: Megan

April 4, 2017

Our blog series, Delegate Spotlight, feature past participants from SHARE’s major delegations. A delegate is someone who travels with a group (delegation) to El Salvador to learn about the history, politics, and people to better accompany the Salvadoran people. Interested in becoming a SHARE delegate? Check out our major delegation page for information on the upcoming Women Leaders Across Borders trip in May/June 2017!

Megan (middle) poses with Norma (left) and Sandra (right), Huisisilapa

What was my favorite part? My favorite part of this experience was my homestay in Huisisilapa! I met many people in Huisi that I already miss, and would love to see again the next time I visit. The community was welcoming and friendly, and extremely generous and selfless. Specifically, the second homestay was my favorite part, because we already had made some friends and were becoming closer with our homestay families when we saw them one last time before leaving. We played a second game of soccer, which was even more fun than the first, and we had a talent show and a dance, which helped us connect more with the kids in the community. I had an amazing time while I was in Huisi, and I did not even realize until our bus pulled away from Huisi for the final time how upset I was to leave the community that I had begun to love so tremendously.  

How was I challenged? I was challenged by a lot of the meetings that our delegation attended, because it is hard to hear stories about people suffering, and it is also hard to comprehend the fact that we live such privileged lives while there are innocent people that live in hardship. One of the most challenging meetings was at ARCOIRIS

Northwest delegation, Share El Salvador, UCRES-CRIPDES students, and sister communities participed in the 40th Anniversary of the Commemoration of Padre Rutilio Grande at El Paisnal

when we met with a few transgender women who shared their personal stories. My fellow delegates and I assumed that we were at this meeting to simply hear the stories, but it turns out that these women wanted our help, and we found ourselves feeling unable to do so. However, even though this was a difficult task, these women were able to challenge us into coming up with some ideas of how to help prevent violence towards transgender women in El Salvador. Each one of the meetings I attended was well worth the challenge because uncomfortable situations allow you to learn more than you expected.

To those thinking about joining one of SHARE’s delegations: I would recommend joining a SHARE delegation to anyone traveling to El Salvador! I believe that SHARE was the reason that my visit in El Salvador was so memorable. The trip coordinators that accompanied my school were incredible! I learned a lot about El Salvador from them, and they were very friendly to my classmates and I, and by the end of the two weeks, they had already begun to feel like family. They also translated every meeting that our delegation attended and made sure that we had plenty of safe food to eat and clean water to drink during our two week stay. SHARE provided us a safe and unforgettable experience that I will never forget.

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