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Lead contamination hurts the poor

September 30, 2008

In the small community of Sitio del Niño, the inhabitants are living in a contaminated environment. The source of this contamination stems from the battery production of the company, Baterías de El Salvador (Record). Lead from the battery production has polluted the water, the air, and the surrounding environment of the community. Thus, the health security in the community is highly threatened.

Water is a vital necessity for daily life, and is crucial for health and sanitation. Tests of the water carried out by the department of environment indicate that the level of lead in the water was three times above the permitted level by international standards. Unfortunately, the lead from the fabric has spread out through the whole ecosystem. This means that soil, vegetation, and houses are infected by lead. Researchers from the University of El Salvador measured that soils and houses located in a 700 perimeter from the fabric contained levels of lead from ten to fiftheen times higher than the permitted level. Read More »

12 year old Theresa Reflects on her SHARE Delegation

September 24, 2008

Looking out at the dim city lights announcing that we were close to landing in San Salvador, I felt a surge of excitement. This would be my first trip out of the country: my first time in a nation where the language was different from my own, where I was told we would encounter shocking poverty, the kindest of people, and extreme weather, where the population had been scarred by the brutality of war and violence. Was I afraid? Uncertain? Some of each, truthfully, but primarily thrilled to have the chance to immerse myself in a different lifestyle; so much looking forward to meeting the people, practicing my Spanish, and just having an adventure. And what a wonderful adventure it was!

Our time in Nueva Trinidad was, in my opinion, the best half of the trip by far. From the moment the stuffy van pulled into the village center, greeted by a crowd of smiling people, I could feel that these people were special. The second day in the village we took a hike up to see an area that was threatened by mining. Read More »

US presidential candidates on immigration issues

September 15, 2008

With an estimated 2 to 3 million Salvadorans currently in the US (both documented and undocumented combined), US policy on immigration is an issue of great interest and concern to those of us with connections to communities in El Salvador and Salvadorans living in the US. The US Salvadoran community constitutes among one third of the overall El Salvadoran population.

In an ad from the McCain campaign, Obama is accused for not staying on the side of the immigrants. The new ad is launched in battleground states with a significant number of hispanic voters. Obama and the Senate Democrats are also blamed for the immigration reform failure because of their “flawed” immigration policy. Read More »

SHARE Photographer´s “Faces of El Salvador” Photocollage

September 10, 2008

Click below to see photographer Patrick Nau´s photocollage. The photos are taken from his summer 2008 SHARE delegation experience in San Salvador and the community of Ellacuría. Enjoy!
(Or search “Faces of El Salvador” at

Josh from Shawnee, KS on Learning in El Salvador

September 8, 2008

As many Good Shepherd parishioners know, our parish has had a sistering relationship with a Salvadoran community, El Buen Pastor for over 20 years. Through this we send support, both financial and spiritual, to the people of the community as well as delegations of local parishioners to El Salvador to experience what it is like living in a small, impoverished, rural community in the Salvadoran countryside and grow in brotherhood with a community so far away. Just recently I was one of the delegates who traveled to El Salvador and got to experience the country — everything from the heart-warming welcome of the Salvadoran people, to the grim reality of the mass poverty and violence that plagues the country. Looking back on this, I realize that this experience has changed my life, and the only thing left for me to do is speak to those who have not gone to El Salvador about the experience I had with our brothers and sisters in El Buen Pastor. Read More »

Meat, Cheese and Bicycle Repair: Micro-credit and women’s development in Chalatenango

August 26, 2008

Member of sewing cooperative sewing a pair of pants.

I hadn’t seen a treadle sewing machine in a long time. If they are seen at all in the states it is most often in museums or antique stores. So it was strange to see them here, down a long dusty road in El Salvador. It makes sense though, they are powered by rocking a foot petal back and forth and the sewers don’t have to stop work when the power goes out, which it does… frequently. The women doing the rocking are part of a women’s group in Los Ranchos that makes and sells artisan crafts.

In the 1980’s, as newly repatriated war refugees, the women of Los Ranchos came together and began sewing undergarments. They organized trainings to support each other and learn new skills. They received help from international groups and regional organizations such as the CCR. Read More »

The SHARE Foundation launches blog

The SHARE Foundation is excited to announce the birth of our first blog. The SHARE blog is another exciting way for SHARE supports and those interested in promoting social justice in El Salvador to stay in touch with the Salvadoran community.

Please stay tuned….

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