“It is incredible how much one experience can change your life… I left for El Salvador yearning to be changed.  I came back a drastically different person.  On days when I’m overwhelmed about the world and my position in it, I remember those who continue to fight for what they know is right.  I am renewed by the belief that one person can change the world. And I start to fight again.”
– Maria Hennen, youth delegate 2009

For thirty years, delegations and tours have been a key part of SHARE’s accompaniment model by bringing people from the United States and El Salvador together. SHARE delegates bear witness to the Salvadoran reality, listen to people’s stories and struggles, share in their hopes and dreams, and find inspiration in their profound faith.

These life-changing experiences provide a unique opportunity to build friendships with Salvadorans, meet with communities and organizations involved in bringing about social change, and expand our understanding of the realities of poverty and the struggle for justice and human rights. We hope you will consider joining us on a delegation!

Invite Salvadorans on tour to your community in the U.S!  Read on for more information.

Join SHARE on a Delegation to El Salvador
SHARE hosts many delegations tailored to the interests and needs of each group:

  • Are you an individual or group interested in experiencing life in a developing country or learning about women’s issues, environmental issues, or other themes relevant to El Salvador today?  Please read more about Major Delegations.
  • High School Teacher?  University Professor?  Campus Minister? Youth group leader? Student?  Please read more about Youth Delegations.
  • Interested in commemorating important events in El Salvador’s history, including commemorations of Monseñor Romero, the four US Churchwomen, or Father Rutilio Grande?  Please read more about Major Delegations.
  • Priest or Pastor?  Member of a church or faith-based group?  Member of a social justice committee?  Mission Outreach Director? Member of an existing Grassroots Sistering Relationship?  Please read more about Sistering Delegations.
  • Want to participate as an international election observer and play an important role in advancing democracy in El Salvador? Please read more about Major Delegations.
  • Seminary student or professor at a Theological School or Seminary?  Please read more about Theological Seminars.