Major Delegations


“I will always take back courage. The opposite of this courage is fear. How often is it that we let fear prevent us from doing the right thing? They never allowed fear to prevent them from doing the right thing.” -2012 Honoring Women Religious Delegation Delegate

Major delegations give individuals the unique opportunity to walk with Salvadorans as they remember their past and confront current struggles.  Whether the delegation focuses on observing elections, investigating current issues or remembering historic figures who fought for justice such as Archbishop Oscar Romero, delegates learn about the Salvadoran reality, build deep relationships with the Salvadoran people and are inspired by their profound hope and faith, and accompany those working for social change and justice in El Salvador.

Delegations are a key part of SHARE’s accompaniment model.  While itineraries vary depending on the theme or event, delegates explore and experience El Salvador through visits to organized communities, meetings with activists, and demonstrating solidarity with the Salvadoran people by participating in major events. Any group or individual is invited to join SHARE in El Salvador for these life-changing opportunities.

About Major Delegations

Along with the specific focus of the delegation, all Major Delegations include opportunities to learn about the movement for justice and development in El Salvador, visits to sacred sites of El Salvador’s struggle for social justice including Archbishop Oscar Romero’s home and tomb, and visits to organized rural communities and cooperatives creating alternatives for the future.

  • Commemorative Delegations: Delegates join Salvadorans in commemorating historical moments for El Salvador and the world, including the anniversary of Oscar Romero, Rutilio Grande, and the Four U.S. Churchwomen, all who gave their lives in the struggle for justice. Delegates celebrate the legacy of these martyrs and learn how the struggle for justice in El Salvador continues today. Read a reflection from the 2012 Honoring Women Religious Delegation.

The experience of this week was profound, heartwarming, hopeful and life giving. “The experience of this week was profound, heartwarming, hopeful and life giving. The sacred act of remembering the lives of the churchwomen and Romero, and the thousands of martyrs whose names we do not know, is the beginning of remembering a community, a country, and a people. For all of the victims of the violence in our world, we say: PRESENTE!” -Donna Korba, IHM

  • Specific Theme Delegations: Delegates come to El Salvador to learn about a specific issue such as the environment, youth, or women.  They will accompany Salvadoran leaders, communities and movements working for justice and learn about past and current struggles.
  • Election Observation Delegation: Delegates are trained to observe Salvadoran presidential and legislative elections to help promote a fair and just election process in El Salvador.  In doing so, delegates learn about the current political, social and economic reality and how that situation was formed by Salvadoran history.  Click here for 2014 Election Observation information.

I thought of the idea of walking with people…we were simply helping Salvadorans determine their own future. The election changed both their lives and ours. “Our role was an impartial one. We could not intervene, only take note of any possible fraud and report it to Salvadoran authorities. Once again, I thought of the idea of walking with people: this was not our election to control; we were simply helping Salvadorans determine their own future… We’d witnessed history—and taken part in it—by standing with the Salvadoran people as they ushered in a new era for their country.  The election changed both their lives and ours.” Sarah Stodder, Georgetown

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