Sistering Delegations

Delegations are a key part of SHARE’s Accompaniment Model for Grassroots Partnerships.  Delegates learn first-hand about El Salvador’s history, current struggles, and hopes for the future. They build relationships with people and communities while learning about issues affecting El Salvador and the work being done to bring about change.  As an important part of an ongoing relationship with the Salvadoran people, delegates visit their partner organizations and do an overnight homestay in a rural community.

“Often times people go on mission trips to build something or provide a service. People traveling to and from Teosinte are building something more fragile, yet more enduring, than any building.  We are building relationships. Our work is driven by the commitment to sustain a reciprocal relationship in which we all learn from each other.” Beth Hammer, St Sebastian’s

SHARE works closely with Sistering Partners to build an itinerary appropriate for each group and support the planning and preparation process. Sistering delegations usually consist of five and twenty-five people and last one and two weeks. Itinerary possibilities include:

  • A visit to the sacred sites: Archbishop Oscar Romero‘s home and tomb, the Monument to Truth and Memory, a civilian war memorial, the Museum of the Martyrs, and Rose Garden dedicated to the memory of the Jesuit Martyrs at the University of Central America.
  • Meetings with organizations that lead the Salvadoran social movement around issues of interest to the delegation participants, such as women’s and youth rights or environmental justice and human rights activism.
  • An overnight homestay in an organized rural community. Delegations meet with the community council, tour the community, accompany host families in their daily activities, and share in the struggles and joys of life in the Salvadoran countryside.
  • This trip reinforced my belief in the importance of living life as a global citizen.  One cannot live life fully if they are stuck in the belief that what they do here and now does not affect other people around the globe and in the future. -Jackie Swietlik, SHARE Delegate Visits to cooperatives or grassroots development organizations working towards alternative economic models.
  • Visits with Christian Base Communities as well as opportunities to learn about and participate in liberation theology.
  • Learn about the devastating effects of the Salvadoran civil war and current efforts to build peace and democracy in El Salvador.
  • Opportunities to participate in advocacy issues of the day, including meetings with the US Embassy or visits to areas affected by mining.
2016 Newman Center Delegation

2016 Newman Center Delegation

Interested in participating in a SHARE delegation to El Salvador but are not part of a Grassroots Partnership?  Come on a Major Delegation or become a Grassroots Partner.



Delegation Materials:

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SHARE has thirty years experience bringing delegations to El Salvador. Delegate’s health and safety is a priority.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.