Tours are a key part of SHARE’s accompaniment model and a way for Grassroots Partners to deepen their relationships. Grassroots Sisters and Youth Partners invite members of their sister community and grassroots organizations to visit the United States and spend time in their city, parish, school, or community organization.  Tours provide excellent opportunities for relationship-building as well as providing a deeper context for the need to continue advocacy, fundraising, and education efforts. Tours are an excellent way to educate people about El Salvador and to energize people- both the hosts and the tourees-  for advocacy and solidarity work while also providing Salvadorans with a unique cross-cultural experience.

 Join the Truth and Justice for El Salvador Tour

“Monica was superb during the Masses on Sunday…not that I thought she would do otherwise. I watched her mask her nervousness and stand tall, to speak her truth. More and more I find Monica to be incredibly brave and passionate and determined, though I think she covers that with her quietness. She has immense depth… I admire her.” Member of St Sebastian’s Social Justice Committee, about a 2009 touree from their sister community




Itinerary ideas include:


  • Visit and give a presentation to local churches and schools.
  • Talk about the Salvadoran community and national reality, and the importance of solidarity work today
  • Visit with a local senator or representative to discuss important advocacy issues
  • Enjoy sight-seeing tours of local attractions with community members
  • Share meals with community members to give visitors a taste of local culture
  • Visit local organizations that work in the social sector or on issues of interest to the tourees to share experiences and ideas
  • Meet potential sistering groups to build more support for community development in El Salvador

SHARE can help you and your sister community or regional partner choose tourees, navigate the visa process, facilitate itinerary planning, prepare tourees and support post-tour evaluation.  For more information, please read SHARE’s Tour Guidelines and contact us at

Support through Sisterhood, Good Shepherd Parish, in Shawnee, KS and Buen Pastor, in Northern San Salvador story.