Youth Delegations

Delegations are a key part of SHARE’s accompaniment model for Grassroots Partnerships. Delegates learn first-hand about El Salvador’s history, current struggles, and hopes for the future. Youth build relationships with people, communities and projects while learning about issues affecting El Salvador and its people. Delegates have many opportunities to directly interact with Salvadoran youth and build relationships with young leaders working for change.  As an important part of an ongoing relationship with the Salvadoran people, delegates visit their partner organizations and do an overnight home-stay in a rural community.

“Being in the rural community helped me learn the importance of sharing with people and living in solidarity. I have learned the importance of good energy, hard work, struggles, perseverance, and hope. I also learned about the economy and the impact the civil war has on people today. My perspective of the world has changed dramatically.” SHARE delegate, 2010

SHARE works closely with Youth Partners to build an itinerary appropriate for each group and support the planning and preparation process. With thirty years of on-the-ground experience, SHARE can offer a broad look at El Salvador’s history and current reality, engage youth in the global movement for justice or work with schools to create an in-depth exploration of areas of interest. Itinerary possibilities include:

  • An overnight homestay in an organized rural community. Delegations meet with the community council and youth group, play soccer with community youth, tour the community, accompany host families in their daily activities, and share in the struggles and joys of daily life in the Salvadoran countryside.
  • Meet with organized rural youth to share challenges and hopes for the future.
  • Visit a rural park or cooperative to learn about ecological preservation efforts and take an afternoon hike or swim!
  • Visits to the sacred sites: Archbishop Oscar Romero‘s home and tomb, the Monument to Truth and Memory, a civilian war memorial, the Romero Museum and Rose Garden dedicated to the memory of the Jesuit Martyrs at the University of Central America. I’ve learned our government’s effects on other countries, the importance of women’s rights and having a voice. The truth in the world struggle and how to truly keep your morals. I’ve learned how simply you can live your life and how quick and precious it is. As well, the true meaning of loss, sadness, and family.  -SHARE 2011 Northwest School Delegate
  • Meetings with organizations that lead the Salvadoran social movement around issues of interest to the delegation, such as women’s and youth rights or environmental justice and human rights activism.
  • Learn about US involvement in the Salvadoran civil war and the ongoing impact of US foreign policy.
  • Opportunities to participate in advocacy issues of the day, including meetings with the US Embassy or visits to areas affected by mining.

Interested in participating in a SHARE delegation to El Salvador, but are not part of a Grassroots Partnership?  Come on a Major Delegation or become a Grassroots Partner.

Delegation Materials:
Youth Partnerships With SHARE Discernment Guide
SHARE Pre-Delegation Packet 2015
Delegate Forms–Application, Liability, and Parent Permission

SHARE Delegate Accompaniment Packet

For more information, please contact us at (510) 848-8487 or write to!

SHARE has thirty years experience bringing delegations to El Salvador. Delegate’s health and safety is a priority.  Please contact us with any questions or concerns.