SHARE El Salvador Legacy Fund

For thirty years, SHARE El Salvador has supported human rights, sustainable community development, and civic participation in El Salvador. Providing opportunities for Salvadorans committed to social justice, especially women and young people, to access education has been an integral part of the success of our program.

Meet Rubia Guardado, SHARE University Scholarship Recipient.

With this in mind SHARE aims to double our support for the next generation of Salvadoran leaders by building a reliable, long-term source of funding.

We invite you to join us in providing access to scholarships, leadership workshops, and technical training to the next generation of Salvadoran leaders by making a contribution to the SHARE El Salvador Legacy Fund. Please consider for a moment the following list of opportunities to make a charitable gift to SHARE El Salvador.

Designated Gifts: You can make a donation to the Legacy Fund today that will provide educational opportunities for Salvadoran leaders for years to come. Contact us at 510-848-8487 or for more information.

Bequests and Memorials: Through your will, you can perpetuate good works with a living memorial. The SHARE Legacy Fund can be a beneficiary of all or a portion of your estate. The value of your gift is deductible for federal estate tax purposes. In addition, any funeral memorials that are contributed in your memory can be directed to the SHARE Legacy Fund.

Real Estate: You can also choose to donate the remainder interest of a personal residence to the SHARE Legacy Fund while retaining a life interest in the residence by transferring the residence to a qualified personal residence trust.

Life Insurance: There are several ways to give life insurance to the SHARE Legacy Fund. You can transfer the ownership of an existing life insurance policy, purchase a new contract of insurance in the name of the SHARE Legacy Fund or name the SHARE Legacy Fund as a beneficiary of the life insurance policy. In addition to estate tax benefits, the donor may also obtain a charitable income tax deduction for lifetime transfers.


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