SHARE Sustainers

To support their commitment to social justice, SHARE Sustainers have pledged to contribute to SHARE on an ongoing basis.

Three proud members of the Mujeres Ganaderas Cooperative

Today we invite you to become a Sustainer of SHARE El Salvador. Your contribution will breathe life into SHARE’s ongoing work– work that is nourished and guided by the spirit of the many martyrs of the social justice movement in El Salvador.  Like all SHARE Sustainers, you will be walking with the people in the communities as they struggle against hunger, poverty, unemployment, and violence.

As a SHARE sustainer, you will receive updates about our work, as well as news about local events, upcoming delegations, and la familia de SHARE. Most Sustainers donate monthly or quarterly with an automatic charge to their credit card, but you can be a Sustainer by mail or contribute on a yearly or twice yearly schedule as well.

Be a part of the dream and vision that will carry forward another 30 years of solidarity by committing to become a SHARE Sustainer!

Three Easy Ways to Become a SHARE Sustainer:

1. Complete the SHARE Sustainer Form and send it us by email or at mail it to 2425 College Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

2. Go to our online donations form and select “I want to make a recurring gift”

3. Call us at (510) 848-8487 and say you’d like to become a SHARE Sustainer. We can get all the information we need over the phone.

Welcome to the SHARE family! Contact or (510) 848-8487 with any questions.