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Though small in size, El Salvador is a land of towering volcanoes, raging rivers, and shaded coffee farms with a rich history and a people that have courageously and endlessly struggled for justice. El Salvador faces many of the challenges affecting people throughout the world, from poverty and inequality to climate change and violence. We invite you to read more about the complex issues and opportunities facing the Salvadoran people today.

In an effort to provide a broad range of information, this page links to a variety of independent sources that may or may not reflect SHARE’s opinion. We hope this information will help you form your own conclusions about justice, development, and your role as a global citizen.

Current Issues

Read more about current issues affecting El Salvador:
Climate Change
Insecurity and Violence
Food Insecurity
Human Rights Abuses and Impunity
Legacy of the Martyrs
Oscar Romero

For more information about what SHARE staff members are seeing and hearing in El Salvador today, check out the latest articles on our blog.


SHARE Educational Materials: Every year SHARE puts together a variety of educational materials to keep our delegates, grassroots sisters, and base in the United States informed about the national reality in El Salvador. Our Romero Justice Week Celebration Guide 2011, which dives into the theme of education as a human right, is a great example.


History of El Salvador: Originally populated by the Pipil and Lenca Indians, El Salvador was colonized by the Spanish in the 1520s. In the centuries that followed, a small landowning elite controlled the country while the large majority of the population worked as subsistence farmers or in deplorable conditions harvesting major export crops such as indigo, coffee and sugarcane. Though El Salvador officially became and independent nation in 1839 this did nothing to distribute wealth or facilitate land reforms… Read a quick history of El Salvador or check out the extended Recent History and Current Issues Affecting El Salvador


eNews Archive: SHARE sends out information via its eNewsletter roughly every 2-4 weeks or whenever an urgent issue arises. Learn more about what is happening in El Salvador today by checking out this archive of our eNewsletters.


Other Resources: From newspapers to blogs to fact sheets, there are many independent sources of information about El Salvador.