Organize an Event

One great way for you to share your passion for social justice in El Salvador is by organizing an event! Your event can be aimed at raising awareness of the issues, fundraising for one of SHARE’s projects, or both. The most important element of any event is you sharing why you are passionate about the issues and why you think other people should get involved. Here are some event ideas:

  • Host a typical Salvadoran dinner and serve rice and beans or pupusas. Ask if you can use a school for extra space. Sell tickets in advance and set a goal of 25 guests! Show slides, video or photos of your most recent trip to El Salvador (or from SHARE’s website) and lead a discussion about social justice issues. At the end of the evening, ask for donations.
  • Organize a celebration for Romero Justice Week in March. Every year we publish a celebration guide on our website for Romero Justice Week.  Read our past Guides and check back in January for the newest edition!
  • Contact a local store or restaurant and ask them to donate a percentage of their profits for a certain day or week. Organize a group of friends and family. Tell everyone else you know to go too!
  • Host a movie night. Invite friends and family to watch “Romero” or “Return to El Salvador.” After the movie, give a small presentation and pass around a hat for donations.
  • Invite friends to a Gallery Night. Print out enlargements of photo from your last visit to El Salvador. Lead a discussion about why you like each photo or why you think it is important. To turn it into a fundraiser, auction off the photos to the highest bidder.
  • Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. Host a small event and share stories and experiences about the importance of empowering women. Pick a SHARE women’s project to support and ask for donation.

Looking for more ideas? Download our SHARE Delegate Accompaniment Packet and contact us at for support!

Two Hot Fundraising Tips

1) The primary reason people don’t donate is because they are never asked! People you know can’t support your passion if you don’t ask them

2) The worst thing that can happen? Someone says “no”. You don’t lose anything by asking! Thank them for their time and move on.