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At SHARE we are constantly motivated by the impact of our projects and the inspiring people, partners, and communities that we work with. Read more about some of these people and their stories:

The women’s committee in El Bajillo, Chalatenango, has not only been able to plant vegetables to improve the nutrition and food security of their family and sell chicken to other families in El Bajillo at a low cost, but they have also grown in confidence, self-esteem, and are participating more in decision-making in their homes and community…READ MORE



Meet Rubia, she is a leader in her community and one of the first recipients of the Ita Ford, Dorothy Kazel, Maura Clarke, and Jean Donovan Scholarships. READ MORE.





“I gained a much greater understanding of what happened in El Salvador in the past 50 years and the unfortunate role the US government played in the civil war there causing the deaths of thousands of the people as well as a greater appreciation of what is presently happening to build up hope and justice for the people, especially those who continue to suffer injustice and threats of terror from gangs and organized crime (mostly women and children).  I was inspired by the strength of the women who seem fearless and determined to make their country a beautiful and safe place to live.” reflected one delegate on SHARE’s delegation commemorating the 35th Anniversary of the martyrdom of the four US Churchwomen killed in El Salvador…READ MORE


SHARE has been working in solidarity with the Salvadoran people since 1981. For a look at our rich history, check out our annual reports or read about past campaigns and projects.

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