Economic Independence for Women

Santana’s life was turned upside down in Santana and her two childrenOctober of 2011 when Tropical Depression 12E washed away her crops and home. Her life became even more difficult when Santana’s husband left her and their children, sold their land, and took the profit with him. Without access to land or a source of income Santana was devastated and unsure of how she would continue.

With two children relying on her Santana knew she needed to find a new way to support her family. Thankfully, Santana participated in a series of workshops with SHARE partnering organization the Mujeres Ganaderas Cooperative (ACAMG) the previous summer.

With the knowledge she gained about organic and agro-ecological gardening techniques and women’s rights Santana had the knowledge she needed to grow a beautiful garden on the small plot of land surrounding her home. Santana is able to feed her family with the food she grows in this garden and even sells extra produce at a local market for additional income. Santana uses this additional income to keep her children in school.

The knowledge and confidence Santana gained from this training is something that can never be sold or taken from her. This training has allowed Santana to support her family. She and her children will continue to benefit from this investment in her potential for years to come.

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