Our Work

We believe in emphasizing the right and ability of those suffering the cycles of oppression and injustice to propose and lead their own solutions. Our work is empowering marginalized and impoverished Salvadoran communities in their efforts to both meet their immediate needs and to construct long-term, sustainable solutions to the problems of poverty, underdevelopment and social injustice.

All of our efforts support our mission of strengthening solidarity with and among the Salvadoran people in El Salvador and the United States in the struggle for economic sustainability, justice, human and civil rights, and incorporate our four core values: women’s empowerment, leadership development, citizen participation, and environmental sustainability.

From empowering young leaders in El Salvador to teaching women sustainable farming techniques to working with Salvadoran Hometown Associations to educating people in the United States about the effects of US foreign policy, SHARE work touches countless individuals, communities, and organizations.

SHARE’s mission and core values inspire our work in the following program areas:

  • Community Development: These projects support organized rural communities and grassroots organizations as they organize and empower people to seek long-term, sustainable change.  The projects we support emphasize formal and informal education, gender equality, alternative economic initiatives, and community organizing and advocacy in search of viable models of sustainable development for El Salvador’s rural sector and beyond.
  • Advocacy:  SHARE advocates for environmental justice, sustainable rural development and human rights at the local, national, and international level, supporting Salvadoran counterparts and engaging those in the United States in this work.
  • Partnering with Salvadorans in the United States: By building relationships with Salvadoran community organizations, such as hometown associations, student groups, and cultural groups, we aim to identify joint initiatives and build capacity. This will result in broadening the SHARE community in the United States and maximizing the impact of our work at home and abroad.
  • Major Delegations: SHARE’s Major Delegations are a unique opportunity to walk with Salvadorans as they remember their past and face current struggles. Delegates learn first-hand about El Salvador’s history, present challenges, and hopes for the future while building relationships with people, communities and organizations working for change. Join us for this life-changing experience.
  • Grassroots Partnerships: SHARE’s Grassroots Partnership Program is an exciting initiative driven by long-term, international relationships of mutual accompaniment. Partnering through SHARE means building relationships based on respect and solidarity to walk side-by-side on the road to more just and equitable relations between the U.S. and El Salvador.

Our Work