All people have the right to shape the future of their communities and country. Through our advocacy program, SHARE advocates for environmental justice, sustainable rural development, and human rights at the local, national, and international level.

In El Salvador, SHARE accompanies advocacy efforts by training and educating leaders, empowering people and communities to participate in decision-making processes, and financially supporting advocacy projects to work for policies favorable to marginalized and impoverished sectors. Our current advocacy work in El Salvador includes working for justice in the assassination of Monseñor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, supporting agricultural cooperatives in calling for sustainable rural development policies, and educating women about their rights under a new law that protects them from violence.

SHARE’s broad base of engaged supporters in the United States strengthens our advocacy program in many ways. A key element of our advocacy program is educating people in the United States about how the actions of the US government and multinational corporations affect everyday Salvadorans.  Advocacy efforts in the United States are often focused on demanding respect for fundamental human rights, fair trade, or just foreign policies, exemplified today in the international struggle against metallic mining.

SHARE invites people in the United States to join advocacy efforts that support and further the work of our Salvadoran partners. Coordinating with Salvadoran-Americans and solidarity organizations amplifies the impact of our advocacy efforts.

Current Advocacy Campaigns and Countparts


The Anti-Mining Movement


Justice and the Romero Coalition


Campaign for Truth, Justice and Reparations




Popular Education with Equipo Maiz


Food Sovereignty with CONFRAS


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Women and Democracy


Promoting Free and Fair Elections


Responding to Emergencies

Humanitarian Response to Disasters: The Sphere Project


Campaign for Truth, Justice and Reparations



Past Advocacy Campaigns

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