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Take Action: Stand with the Relatives of the Forcibly Disappeared!

SHARE accompanies the Pro-Historical Memory Commission, a coalition of eight human rights organizations working for truth, justice and reparations. We have 1 current action opportunities below.  Please sign by September 23rd! Thanks to all who signed our previous petition for El Salvador to ratify two international conventions against forced disappearance. Members of Pro-Memoria delivered it to the Legislative Assembly Commission on International Relations on Monday, August 18th.

1. Join the Mothers of the Disappeared in Calling for a Day to Honor Victims of Forced Disappearance!  (Scroll down to sign petition)


The Pro-Historical Memory Commission (Pro-Memoria) and the relatives of the disappeared have demanded that the government dedicate August 30th to commemorating the victims of forced disappearance since 2003. The initiative has been brought to vote four times but has yet to get enough support to pass. The first time it was taken to the floor of the Legislative Assembly in 2006, a legislator from the right-wing Arena party actually ripped the petition to pieces in front of the mothers of the disappeared.

This year for the first time the Salvadoran Human Rights Ombudsman is accompanying Promemoria in pushing for a day to honor victims of forced disappearance. His support and international solidarity can help make this dream a reality. We will collect signatures for the petition below through September 7th, so Pro-Memoria can present the letters to representatives of the Legislative Assembly Commission on Education and Culture and Commission on Human Rights.

For the relatives of the disappeared, having a day to honor their loved ones is deeply important because it means the government acknowledging the truth of its involvement in forced disappearance and recognizing the dignity of the victims.


Stand with the Mothers of the Disappeared: A Day for the Victims/Un Día para las Victimas

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End date: Sep 25, 2014

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