Promoting Free and Fair Elections

El Salvador has a long history of electoral fraud during local and national elections. In our role as a non-partisan, international presence in El Salvador, SHARE has worked to promote transparent and fair elections in El Salvador. Election observation delegations have come to El Salvador with SHARE for most local elections and every presidential election since 1984, when SHARE received 450 observers.  SHARE has promoted free and fair elections during all of El Salvador’s electoral campaigns by:

  • Bringing international delegations to El Salvador during elections to act as accredited election observers
  • Conducting investigations and research about current election issues
  • Drafting bulletins and reports to inform Salvadorans and the international community about election issues
  • Holding press conferences, forums, round table discussions and other activities to share information about the elections

In 2009, SHARE participated in the Free and Fair Elections Coalition, a coalition of International groups in El Salvador committed to promoting fairness and transparency in the presidential elections. The election of FMLN candidate Mauricio Funes in 2009 was the first time in twenty years that the right-wing ARENA party did not win the elections. The elections were seen as a success because there was less fraud observed than in past elections. SHARE continues to promote electoral reform in the Supreme Electoral Tribunal in El Salvador.

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