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A unique Salvadoran organization, Equipo Maiz promotes popular education as a way to learn about key issues impacting El Salvador and many other Latin American countries.  Popular education is an inclusive learning process that seeks to involve all participants as learners and teachers, address the issues people face in daily life, and develop grassroots leadership. Equipo Maíz started during the armed conflict to help Salvadorans make sense of what was happening around them.

Today, the members of Equipo Maiz use popular education to address complex every day issues in simple terms everyone can understand and use to join in the conversation. For many Salvadorans, accessing education in schools presents an economic challenge, and schools often do not address issues that Salvadorans face daily. With dynamic, participatory workshops on the Environment, Gender Equality, Citizen Participation, Historic Memory and Economic Literacy, Equipo Maiz is able to educate those with little access to formal education about important themes that affect Salvadorans today.

SHARE supports Equipo Maiz through an Economic Literacy project, is an effort to educate community leaders from all over Central America about issues including:

  • Globalization
  • Capitalism
  • CAFTA and Free Trade
  • Structural Adjustment Plan
  • Neo-liberalism
  • Labor Flexibility and Worker’s Rights

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