Monument to Truth and Memory

Families of the Disappeared

The Salvadoran Civil War (1980-1992) claimed the lives of over 75,000 Salvadoran civilians and personally touched the vast majority of Salvadorans.  For many of the families who lost loved ones through homicide, kidnapping, forced disappearances, or massacres, there was no place to go to remember and grieve their loved ones.  SHARE Counterpart CODEFAM was organized originally to support families members of the disappeared or murdered during the civil war.  Following the war, they continued to support and fight for the rights of victims and their families.


The Monument to Truth and Memory

In 1993, the United Nations Truth Commission published its report on the Salvadoran Civil War.  One of the recommendations was the construction of a monument containing the names of all those killed during the civil war as a way to remember the tens of thousands of innocent people who lost their lives.  When it became apparent that the Salvadoran government had no plans to build such a monument, a committee was formed by groups like CODEFAM entitled the “Pro-Monument for the Civilian Victims of Human Rights Abuses Committee.”  On December 6th, 2003, the first phase of the monument bearing over 25,000 names of civilian victims, was inaugurated.  In 2005 a second phase was inaugurated that included over 3,000 more names and the list of over 200 massacres that happened during the Civil War.  SHARE has supported the process at each step of the way, accompanying the planning of, fundraising for, and construction of the Monument.

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