Adapting to Climate Change with REDES

Community leaders in El Corozal

As the effects of climate change become increasingly pronounced, it is the populations of countries like El Salvador that are being hit first and hit hardest. Unpredictable and increasingly extreme weather patterns are threatening the immediate food security and long-term struggle to overcome poverty of vulnerable communities throughout El Salvador. With this in mind, SHARE began to work with REDES in 2009, after Tropical Storm Ida, to work towards reducing risk in future disasters.

The Salvadoran Foundation for Reconstruction and Development (REDES) was founded in 1989 to accompany the process of repopulation of communities affected by the civil war. Currently, REDES works to strengthen organizational capacity and advocacy among vulnerable populations who are looking to improve their quality of life. REDES works with communities using holistic development processes that are participatory, fair, transparent, and have a gender equality focus. REDES’ four programs are:

  • Social and Local Development
  • Economic Development
  • Infrastructure and Surveying
  • Loans Department

SHARE’s project with REDES supported a process of trainings on climate change for leaders in communities affected by Tropical Storm Ida. In total, 7 community councils and an additional 45 community leaders were included in the trainings. Themes discussed included:

  • What is climate change?
  • Risks and impacts of climate change
  • Mitigation and strategies to adapt to climate change
  • Food sovereignty, water and climate adaption
  • International negotiations around climate change: Copenhagen, Cochabamba and Cancun

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