Humanitarian Response to Disasters: SPHERE Project

After the 2001 Earthquake, SHARE realized that due to large donations from other countries, there was a considerable amount of disaster relief available for the many of the victims in El Salvador. However, due to corruption and poor management, disaster victims were still living in horrible and inhumane conditions. For this reason, SHARE joined the SPHERE project “an initiative to define and uphold the standards by which the global community responds to the plight of people affected by disasters.” Read more about the SPHERE Project on their website.

 Watch this 10-minute video introduction to the history and purpose of the SPHERE Project–striving for greater quality and accountability in the humanitarian sector–and the Sphere Handbook 2011 edition, Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Humanitarian Response, which SHARE and our counterparts in El Salvador will use in future disasters.

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SPHERE Launches a New Manual for Humanitarian Response to Disasters

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