Women and Democracy

A true democracy can only exist when all citizens participate equally in the political process. As more than half of the population, it is vital that Salvadoran women are fully involved in politics in order for El Salvador to grow and develop as a nation. Only through organizing, advocacy, and democratic representation will governing authorities consider women’s interests and facilitate the implementation of more policies that benefit women. Unfortunately the voices, opinions, and interests of women are often unheard or ignored in Salvadoran politics.

UCRES Women's Day celebrates women's contributions to their community.

At the UCRES Regional Women’s Day the community celebrates the contributions of women.

 For this and many other reasons, SHARE is proud to collaborate with the National Rural Women’s Alliance to increase the participation of rural women in the political and electoral process. The National Rural Women’s Alliance is a network of rural women leaders standing up for their rights as citizens, as voters, and as leaders. Their goal is to not only ensure equal voter turn-out for men and women, but for decision-makers to take into account issues impacting rural women and for more women to be elected to government offices. At the community, municipal, and regional level, the National Rural Women’s Alliance is creating opportunities and spaces for women to serve in leadership positions.

 One of SHARE’s partnering organizations, CRIPDES Central, convenes the Rural Women’s Alliance. Through the Women and Democracy Project this women’s network will work with women’s committees in six departments of El Salvador: San Vicente, Chalatenango, La Paz, Cuscatlán, La Libertad, and San Salvador. Leaders of these women’s committees will be trained as “promotoras”. They will lead workshops to educate women about their rights as voters. The National Rural Women’s Alliance will also increase the number of women in formal leadership positions by providing trainings and support for women to gain the skills necessary to run for political offices in the future.

This project is made possible by the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael Mission Fund.

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