Community Development Projects

Community development projects support organized rural communities and grassroots organizations as they organize and empower people to seek long-term, sustainable change.

The projects SHARE supports emphasize formal and informal education, gender equality, alternative economic initiatives, and community organizing and advocacy in search of viable models of sustainable development for El Salvador’s rural sector and beyond.  Projects invest in people and the ability to create structural change for a better life.

To implement most of our community development projects, SHARE works closely with the grassroots organization CRIPDES, an association of communities working for the organization and development of rural El Salvador.  Our partnership with CRIPDES regions allows us to reach hundreds of communities and thousands of families, empowered to identify problems and propose solutions.

SHARE currently works with four CRIPDES Regions- CCR, UCRESSan Vicente, and since 2013, CRIPDES Sur – to support ten Community Development Projects.  Please scroll down to read about our other community development projects outside of the CRIPDES Regions.

Current Community Development Projects and Counterparts


Empowering Women in Political, Economic, and Social Advocacy


Education for Youth Organization

CRIPDES San Vicente


Rural Women’s Empowerment


Women’s Empowerment through Savings and Loan Groups

CRIPDES San Vicente


Education and Youth Organization


Youth Organization and Entrepreneurship


Educating Professionals for Community Development



Food Sovereignty, Women’s Empowerment, and Youth Participation



Center for Child Development “Guanaquitos”






Escuela El Manadearo Orchard - cropped


Fruit Trees for a Sustainable Future



Past Community Development Projects

Drumming and Health Education for Young Women with the IMU

Women’s Cattle Cooperative: The Mujeres Ganaderas


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