The CCR Region

“I think beyond the tangible piece of this project—the harvest—the main achievement of the vegetable gardens has been breaking down stereotypes. Proving that not only men can support their families and grow food, but that we, as women, can, too… And because of this, women are conquering local spaces. You feel and see women empowered to participate and make decisions. And this is not because men are offering women these spaces or inviting them to participate. No. Women are conquering these spaces, are taking them.”  Sonia Alemán, Ellacuría

The Association of Communities for the Development of Chalatenango (CCR) has worked in the department of Chalatenango since 1989. It was founded by first five communities that repopulated Chalatenango from the refugee camp in Honduras, Mesa Grande, and has continued to grow since then.

Today, the CCR is made up of 110 communities in 22 municipalities. Together, these communities promote grassroots community organizing, education, leadership training, social struggle, civil participation, and empowerment. They seek economic, social, political, and cultural development; the protection of natural resources; gender equity; and the democratic transformation of the country. The nine council members of the CCR are elected by region-wide assembly every two years. The CCR’s work is divided into the following secretariats, or work areas:


  • Organization
  • Sistering
  • War-wounded
  • Popular Education
  • Community Health
  • Youth
  • Women

SHARE currently supports two projects with the CCR: Empowering Women in Political, Economic, and Social Advocacy and Youth Organization and Entrepreneurship in the Communities of the CCR.

Thanks to the following Grassroots Partners for their ongoing accompaniment of communities in the CCR región: St John Fischer Chapel MI, the Detroit SHARE Committee, Good Shepherd WI, St Sebastian’s WI, St. Mary’s Baltimore, St Patrick’s WA, the Paulist Center MA.

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