Youth Leadership Development and Academic Formation

SHARE currently supports two projects with the CCR: Empowering Women in Political, Economic, and Social Advocacy and Youth Organization and Entrepreneurship. Read more about the Association of Communities for the Development of Chalatenango (CCR)!

Project Name: Strengthening Youth Organization and Entrepreneurship

High School Scholarship Students

To continue the struggle for social justice through the formation of new leadership, the goal of this project is to provide opportunities, encouragement, and training for emerging youth leaders. Youth are encouraged to use their leadership skills and other training to become involved in organizing efforts that seek long-term, sustainable alternatives to migration, violence, and underdevelopment in the Chalatenango region. In a country where the average personcompletes school through 6th grade, high school scholarships are an important project element. This scholarship program is directed specifically towards young men and women who demonstrate leadership qualities in their communities and would not otherwise have access to financial support for studies.

Specific Project Elements:

  • High school scholarships for 8 youth, continuing their studies from the year before, selected for their demonstrated leadership qualities and academic performance, from 8 communities
  • Bi-monthly youth assemblies to encourage and support academic performance and involvement in community activities, including cleaning campaigns, patron saint festivals, and other projects
  • One regional youth assembly for scholarship recipients to exchange ideas and experiences
  • Development of small economic intiatives with youth at the helm, to strengthen their vocational skills and generate a small income for youth and their families

Melvin with his literacy students

Community Perspective

Mevlin Sabino Lemus is one of the 12 youth leaders to graduate from high school in 2011 thanks to SHARE and the CCR’s support.  Melvin is highly active in his community:

“I am the coordinator of the youth group in my community. I particiate in workshops to learn about being youth leadership, and I give literacy classes to adults and seniors in my community.   I am a member of the community radio and I participate in community council meetings.”

Project Supporters

Thanks to the following Grassroots Partners for their ongoing accompaniment of communities in the CCR region: St John Fischer Chapel MI, the Detroit SHARE Committee, Good Shepherd WI, St Sebastian’s WI, St. Mary’s Baltimore, St Patrick’s WA, the Paulist Center MA.

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