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CRIPDES San Vicente“One of my hopes is that one day, there be different living conditions. The situation in which many people live is really difficult. To create change, we have to continue with the process of struggle. That’s why we organized before the war, and why we’re still organized today. My hope is that one day, people be able to live a more dignified life. That each family, all citizens, achieve the dream that we have fought so long the realize.” Marina Díaz, CRIPDES San Vicente

CRIPDES San Vicente works primarily with communities in the municipality of Tecoluca in the department of San Vicente. CRIPDES San Vicente accompanied re-populations from internal refugee camps and refugee camps in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Costa Rica as people returned to rebuild their lives in Tecoluca.

Today, CRIPDES San Vicente is a grassroots organization that works with a total of 95 organized communities. They work to organize and empower communities to advocate for public policies in their benefit and work for the sustainable socioeconomic development of the region. CRIPDES San Vicente currently works in the following areas:

  • Community organizing

    CRIPDES San Vicente team

  • Women’s development
  • Youth development
  • International sistering relationships
  • Land ownership
  • Water and health issues during emergencies
  • Food Security

SHARE currently supports two projects with CRIPDES San Vicente: Women’s Empowerment through Savings and Loans Groups and Education for Youth Organization.

Thanks to the following Grassroots Partners for their ongoing accompaniment of communities in the CRIPDES San Vicente region: Christ the King Parish CA, Faithweavers/Friends of El Salvador at St Mary’s University Parish MI, Cretin Derham Hall High School, Georgetown University, and University Lutheran Chapel CA.

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