Education for Youth Organization

SHARE currently supports two projects with CRIPDES San Vicente: Education for Youth Organization and Women’s Empowerment through Savings and Loan Groups. Read more about CRIPDES San Vicente.

Project Name: Youth Leadership Development and Academic Formation


CRIPDES San Vicente High School Scholarship Recipients

CRIPDES San Vicente High School Scholarship Recipients

This project fosters the leadership and community organizing abilities of 20 young men and women through a training process, accompaniment in community organizing, and academic support. Youth will gain a fundamental understanding of the importance of community organizing and the tools necessary to seek sustainable, alternative, democratic development for their communities. Scholarship youth will put knowledge gained into practice through service projects in their communities. In this way, the project will not only benefit the scholarship students, but the entire CRIPDES San Vicente region.

This is an ongoing scholarship program, beginning in 2006.  Since then, over 60 students and youth leaders from families of scarce resources have graduated high school.  

Specific Project Elements:

  • High school scholarships for 7 high school youth to continue their studies,
  • Two scholarship student assemblies for students and their parents,
  • Support for youth leaders in organizing youth in their communities and involvement in community activities, including cleaning campaigns and patron saint festivals


Community Perspective
“Through the scholarship program, I have learned to be a good leader and share with those I don’t even know.  I hope to continue studying to help my family move forward.  I wish many blessings for those who have supported us.  Without your assistance, I wouldn’t be able to continue my studies.  I feel very fortunate!”
– Saraí Ruben Guillen, former project participant and youth leader in the CRIPDES San Vicente region

Project Supporters
Thanks to the following Grassroots Partners for their ongoing accompaniment of communities in the CRIPDES San Vicente region: Christ the King Parish CA, Faithweavers/Friends of El Salvador at St Mary’s University Parish MI, Cretin Derham Hall High School MN, Georgetown University DC, and University Lutheran Chapel CA.

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