Educating Professionals for Community Development

UCRES and CRIPDES San Vicente University Scholarship Students

SHARE currently supports 26 community leaders in the UCRES, CRIPDES San Vicente, CCR regions with university scholarships.  Training educated professionals with a social conscience and experience in community development work not only benefits these individuals, but will contribute to the future wellbeing of their communities and regions!

These scholarships are directed towards young people with demonstrated leadership skills that make a commitment to their communities and to regional organization. The goal of these projects is to strengthen leadership in the CRIPDES Regions by forming professionals with a high level of social awareness who will use their professional services and education to serve their communities and regions after graduation. 

“When I first got involved I couldn’t even speak. Now I identify as a leader in the community. I get to teach women and youth. It has been a long journey though; I had to build skills through training and workshops.”        – Jasmine Moreno 2013 SHARE University Scholarship Student

Scholarships are awarded to young people who have chosen a career that will benefit their home region, such as social work, education, agronomy, psychology, law, medicine, and nursing. At the beginning of each semester, scholarship students create a work plan that defines the work they will do in their community. This process allows students to gain practical experience in their field of study while supporting their communities.

Community Perspective:

University Scholarship Student Erika

“I believe that this scholarship has helped me grow as a person. I always dreamed of studying at the university level to strengthen my abilities and my humanity. I’ve learned a lot and this has enabled me to be a better mother, daughter and wife. By studying social sciences, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the roots of the social crises facing our country and the role that we as social workers play in transformative change. I am also able to share my knowledge with others in the different organizations I participate in that work for the good of communities. Thanks to my studies, I was able to write and get a project for latrines in my community, which vastly improve the hygiene and health of community residents. I have been able to support other communities through my practicum in organization, water treatment and hygiene, and advocacy work to get potable water in communities without water access.” -Erika Murcia, university scholarship student and member of the CRIPDES San Vicente team

Meet Scholarship Student Rubia Guardado! A leader in her community, Rubia lends her skills for organizing efforts to the CCR Women’s  Program. 

Giving Back to the Community

Depending on their major, students may organize vaccination campaigns working with the local health clinic, design disaster prevention maps with their community’s civil protection committee, or support small farmers in the creation of organic fertilizers. In addition to their work plans, the scholarship students come together every two months to share challenges and achievements and seek support from each other and the representatives of their CRIPDES Region. Some students also participate in larger youth gatherings with other university students. 

Mirna and Cesar

Watch a video of Mirna and Cesar singing Casas de Carton, a well-known song about poverty and injustice. Mirna is studying social work and will be the first of a group of 12 students to graduate from college. Cesar is studying agronomy and gave us a tour of his garden, full of vegetable and fruit trees and plants.

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