Strengthening Community Organizing

SHARE currently supports two projects with UCRES: Rural Women’s Empowerment and Education and Youth Organization.  Read more about the Union of Rural Communities of Northern San Salvador and La Libertad (UCRES).

This year, UCRES has included a community organizing component in the Education and Youth Organization project, but we at SHARE thought it would be easier to understand if the project information were separated out, despite the fact that community organizing goes hand in hand with any other project that SHARE provides.

Project Name: Strengthening Community Organizing

UCRES elected new board members for a 2-year term in November 2014 during their general assembly.

UCRES elected new board members for a 2-year term in November 2014 during their general assembly.

Being an “organized community” in El Salvador is fundamental.  Being organized means having community structures in place like community councils or boards, and committees of representatives from the different population sectors involved in the community (e.g. women, youth).  We call these community councils “ADESCOs” a long acronym for a straightforward idea: Community Development Associations.  These groups are elected by community members and serve for 2-year terms, with possibility for reelection.  It is through the ADESCOs that UCRES and other regions work with communities, and it is a fundamental requirement that communities be organized in order to receive projects or other sustainable development aid. 

This project aims to strengthen the skills of the leaders involved in community councils through workshops and inter-municipal exchanges, as well as develop processes that increase visibility and relevance of community organizing in the municipalities through community forums, assemblies, and reports.

Specific Project Elements: 

  • Training for ADESCO members with regard to their specific functions on the council, in coordination with mayor’s offices in El Paisnal, Guazapa, and Tacachico
  • Two municipal forums on successes of community organizing and its importance for local development
  • One inter-municipal family exchange to provide a space to share ideas and learn from one another
  • Two workshops with ADESCOs to develop community security proposals and plans
  • A regional forum to present community security plans to local and regional government officials
  • Three inter-communal workshops to develop community plans for local government management
  • 20 informative community assemblies, including current events analysis

Project Supporters

Thanks to the following Grassroots Partners for their ongoing accompaniment of communities in the UCRES region: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton (WI), Good Shepherd (KS), Eastern Michigan University, St. John Francis Regis (MO), and The Northwest School.

More about the SHARE-UCRES Strengthening Community Organizing component of the Education and Youth Organization project: 

UCRES Strengthening Community Organizing Project Recommendation 2015

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