Rural Women’s Empowerment

SHARE currently supports two projects with UCRES: Rural Women’s Empowerment and Education and Youth Organization. Read more about the Union of Rural Communities of Northern San Salvador and La Libertad (UCRES)!

Project Name: Rural Women’s Empowerment

Lilian makes "canastitas", little basket-shaped cookies filled with a pineapple jam at the bakery in El Paisnal, founded and maintained by the Municipal Women's Association of El Paisnal.

Lilian makes “canastitas”, little basket-shaped cookies filled with a pineapple jam at the bakery in El Paisnal, founded and maintained by the Municipal Women’s Association of El Paisnal.

The development of this initiative continues the processes that UCRES has been developing for more than 5 years in the communities, improving the quality of life for women through the creation and strengthening of women’s community organizations and municipal organizations.  The organizations created are now Municipal Women’s Associations.  Women have also been supported in the development of their skills through training programs and workshops on the management of family vegetable gardens, which contributes to the strengthening of their food security and food sovereignty.

This phase, proposed for the next year, seeks to reinforce the sustainability of these development processes and organizing that UCRES carries out in the region.  This project aims to strengthen women’s organizing and economic contributions in the region, establishing microcredit loans and a business cooperative for women with small businesses.

This women’s empowerment project also seeks to encourage women to strengthen their knowledge of their rights and how to exercise those rights.

Specific Project Elements:

  • Provide knowledge, training, and materials for 15 women and their families to establish home vegetable gardens 
  • Strengthen the productive fabric of organized women and improve their economic situation through microcredit loans, savings and loans groups, and a small business cooperative
  • Strengthen women’s organization and increase awareness around laws that promote women’s rights and gender equality

“With the vegetables that we were able to produce, we didn’t have to buy that for our family. We tried to use as little chemicals as possible to make it healthier. It was a wonderful experience and we are really excited to continue this year when the rainy season comes again.”  Ana Ruth, beneficiary of UCRES women’s organizing in the community of San Jorge.

Ana Ruth is the President of the community council in her community San Jorge, a leader of a theater group doing health education about HIV/AIDS prevention, and beneficiary of a community vegetable garden.  Watch a video interview with Ana Ruth.


Project Supporters

Thanks to the following Grassroots Partners for their ongoing accompaniment of communities in the UCRES region: St Elizabeth Ann Seton WI, Good Shepherd KS, Eastern Michigan University, St John Francis Regis MO, the Northwest School.

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