Grassroots Partnerships

SHARE El Salvador’s Grassroots Partnership Program is an exciting initiative driven by long-term, international relationships of mutual accompaniment, respect and solidarity. Partnering through SHARE means building relationships based on respect and solidarity and walking side-by-side on the road to more just and equitable relations between the U.S. and El Salvador.

“There is much that The United States has to offer El Salvador, but there is just as much that El Salvador has to offer the United States. Together, we can develop the approach that will be needed to assure that the economic, social, and political futures of both El Salvador and the United States are humane and progressive.”   Archbishop Oscar Romero

What are sistering relationships?

Sistering or partnering with SHARE means forming a relationship of mutual accompaniment with local grassroots organizations and the communities they serve in El Salvador as they work towards social and economic justice.

Grassroots Partners come on Delegations to El Salvador, invite Salvadorans on Tour to the United States, support Community Development Projects, and engage in Advocacy on behalf of Salvadorans.

There are two kinds of Grassroots Partnerships:

Sistering Partnerships are geared towards churches and community groups who wish to grow spiritually and share the deep faith of the Salvadoran people, engage in global citizenship and experience a rich culture while also building lasting relationships of solidarity. Read more!

“Each sistering committee embodies what it truly means to walk in solidarity with the poor. They work tirelessly on the needs of the Salvadoran communities, and have developed relationships which go far beyond material assistance. They have learned from each other, and grown together; they have become family.”
–Lisa Zeilinger, SHARE Promoter

Youth Partnerships are geared towards schools and youth leaders who wish to offer a powerful learning experience for their youth and build youth leadership in the US and in El Salvador so that a future based on solidarity and justice is possible. Read more!

“El Salvador has deepened and strengthened my values, especially those of life and dignity for all people; and with these, I now look at my life in a whole new light… I have a responsibility to live my life in a way that honors my brothers and sister, Josue, Carlos and Karla and my host mother, Margarita. For not only did they invite me into their home, but they also invited me to become consciously aware of my place as a global citizen, my wealth, and this newfound responsibility that goes along with it.” Andrew Nyberg, CDH 2010 Delegate

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