Youth Partnerships

Delegation from The Northwest School, 2013

Delegation from The Northwest School, 2013

Youth Partnerships provide a transformative and life-changing experience for youth of high school and college age. SHARE works with educational institutions to build relationships between US and Salvadoran youth and develop lasting ties for economic and social justice. Youth learn about themselves, their world, and their role in it.

SHARE offers the opportunity for youth to understand global issues and engage in them with the goal of building international civic engagement and global citizens.  Youth gain a deeper understanding and compassionate awareness of the people in El Salvador and what it means to live in and challenge their social, political and economic realities.

  1. Highlights of a Grassroots Youth Partnership
  2. Youth Partner and SHARE Commitments
  3. How to Become a SHARE Youth Partner
  4. Youth Partnership Materials
  5. Current SHARE Youth Partners

Highlights of a Grassroots Youth Partnership

I’ve learned that there’s no end to learning. Every person, every country, every thing has a story that can teach someone. This trip opened my eyes to the unequal, unjust world we live in. I’ve learned that love, food, water, shelter, and family are the only things you need.  – SHARE 2012 High School Delegate

Youth Delegations come to El Salvador to build relationships with people, communities and projects. Delegates learn about key themes and visit important sites related to El Salvador’s history and current challenges.

Tours are visits of Salvadoran community members to their U.S. counterparts. They provide opportunities for advocacy,  fundraising, education, and relationship-building.

Community Development Projects are regional women and youth organizing initiatives which invest in people and the ability to create structural change for a better life. By working with SHARE, youth partners are able to support long-term, sustainable, just change and ensure accountability and transparency in the use of their funds

SHARE works with religious and secular institutions to create extra-curricular and course-related experiences.

Educators have the opportunity to enrich the classroom experience by seeing issues first-hand, coupling classroom and real-world learning experiences.  With thirty years of on-the-ground experience, SHARE can offer a broad look at El Salvador’s history and current reality or work with schools to explore specific issues of interest, including:

  • civil society and social movements
  • gender and women’s rights
  • developing democratic institutions
  • sustainable development and neoliberal economics
  • U.S. foreign policy and its effects
  • micro-finance and community cooperatives
  • challenges in a post-conflict society
  • root causes and effects of migration
  • environmental justice

Youth Partner and SHARE Commitments

Youth Partners:

  • Support SHARE’s mission and four guiding principals
  • Make a three-year minimum commitment
  • Seek institutional funds or support and encourage student fundraising for community organizing projects
  • Contribute to SHARE through annual membership
  • Come on Delegations to El Salvador and host Tours of Salvadorans
  • Engage in Advocacy on behalf of the poor and marginalized in El Salvador


  • Organizes, coordinates and facilitates delegations and tours from El Salvador.
  • Communicates regularly about projects, including stories of the communities and individuals affected and benefited by youth partners
  • Keeps youth partners engaged in current events and issues in El Salvador through our blog and eNews bulletin
  • Helps generate ideas and provides support for fundraising activities
  • Helps facilitate communication between U.S. and Salvadoran Youth Partners.
  • Administers and monitors projects

“I’m learning to allow my heart to be broken by injustice, moving me to action.” – SHARE 2013 University Delegate

“I have learned the power of presence – how being here and eager to hear people’s stories can start to build bridges between seemingly different communities.  I’ve also deepend my knowledge of the armed conflict and social justice issues affecting El Salvador today … Through this trip, among other things, I’m learning to allow my heart to be broken by injustice, moving me to action. – SHARE 2013 university delegate

How to Become a SHARE Youth Partner

SHARE invites you to take the first step toward becoming a SHARE Grassroots Partner: read the Youth Partnership Discernment Guide and contact us at

Youth Partnership Materials

Read and share these materials and reflections about Youth Partnerships with SHARE!

SHARE Youth Partnerships Discernment Guide 2015
SHARE Grassroots Program Brochure
SHARE Grassroots Fundraising and Outreach Guide
Beyond My Horizons:  Youth Delegate Reflection
Spotlight on Cretin-Derham Hall: Living and Teaching Justice
Roots of Justice: A Reflection by Northwest School Teacher Suzanne Bottelli

Current SHARE Youth Partners

Read about our current Youth Partners!

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