Partnering with Salvadoran Americans

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In January 2011, SHARE’s Board of Directors laid out an exciting new vision for SHARE which emphasizes expanding our partnerships with the Salvadoran community in the United States. By doing this, SHARE is recognizing that many Salvadorans in the United States have inherently binational lives. They live in the United States, but they are also often inextricably linked to their homes and communities in El Salvador. SHARE sees this connection as an opportunity to expand its successful model of community development to new communities in El Salvador and the United States.

By building relationships with Salvadoran community organizations, such as hometown associations, student groups, and cultural groups, we aim to broaden the SHARE community in the United States, to identify joint initiatives, build capacity, and maximize the impact of our work at home and abroad.

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Are you part of a Salvadoran community group or civil society organization in the United States?
As SHARE moves in this new direction, we are very interested in getting to know your work. We strongly encourage you to call or email José Artiga at or (510) 848-8487, so we can hear your ideas and learn more about your current work both in the United States and in El Salvador.

The Residency Campaign
To kick off these new strategic partnerships, SHARE spearheaded the formation of a national campaign to convert Temporary Protective Status (TPS) to earned residency for Central Americans in the United States. Thousands of families who have lived here nearly a decade or more are in a state of limbo, because they do not know what could happen to them after the 18 month period that their status is valid. The only way to secure a more stable and safe future for them is to enable them to become Permanent Residents and which will consequently, put them on the path to U.S. Citizenship. Currently, TPS beneficiaries from Central America include: approximately 64,000 Hondurans, 212,000 Salvadorans, and 3,000 Nicaraguans.

Equipo Maiz workshop in Houston, Texas, May 2012

Equipo Maíz and U.S.-Salvadoran Organizations
SHARE sponsored Salvadoran popular education non-profit Equipo Maíz, to offer seminars for organized Salvadorans living in the USA. The first of these took place in Houston, Texas in May of 2012. SHARE has been a long time supporter of Equipo Maíz, particularly with economic literacy programs including a school for leadership development, human rights, and historic memory in El Salvador.  Some of our long term goals with this project are to: train to develop leadership and organizational skills amongst the leaders of Salvadoran Solidarity Organizations in the U.S. and help to motivate others in their communities, all while strengthening their own structures. 

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