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Desarrollo de Liderazgo Juvenil y Formación Académica.

June 16, 2016

Actualmente SHARE tiene un proyecto con CRIPDES que consiste en fortalecer las capacidades de jóvenes líderes y lideresas de las comunidades a través de becas universitarias y de bachillerato. Se considera como un proyecto estratégico pues para continuar la lucha por la justicia social es necesaria la formación de un nuevo liderazgo compuesto por las y los jóvenes líderes activos en sus comunidades.



El objetivo de éste proyecto es proporcionar estímulo y oportunidades de formación de jóvenes líderes emergentes, que en un futuro puedan aportar positivamente a sus comunidades y a la sociedad en general.


Este programa de becas se dirige específicamente a los hombres y mujeres jóvenes que demuestren cualidades de liderazgo en sus comunidades y que de otra forma no tendrían acceso al apoyo financiero para sus estudios.



Actualmente muchos jóvenes de las distintas regiones del CRIPDES son beneficiados con éste proyecto. Si deseas conocer los perfiles de algunos becarios visita nuestra página de Facebook y utiliza el hashtag #wednesdayscholarship.


Learning to Embrace Flexibility

October 28, 2014

The following is a reflection from SHARE’s Communications Coordinator, Claire Moll, about her experience at the CCR’s 2014-2016 Executive Board elections.


Active citizens of Chalatenango exercising their right to vote

Living and working in Central America these past few months has taught me to expect the unexpected. So far, Plan A has yet to happen, but rather we always seem to reach Plan F when all is said and done. Being from a culture that upholds over-organizing and planning, I have quickly been forced to loosen up and embrace flexibility. So far, it has really worked out for the best!

This past Saturday I put “embracing flexibility” into practice. Isabel, the SHARE El Salvador Office Director and I took a trip up to Chalatenango to show our support for the CCR’s new Executive Board elections.  SHARE accompanies the CCR, one of CRIPDES’ 6 regions, in sistering relationships and projects. They work with many of the historic sistering communities by sponsoring human development projects for women and youth.

When we entered the meeting space, I was surprised to see so many people in attendance. I recognized various faces from two of the communities that we accompany: Ignacio Ellacuria and Nueva Trinidad. As I listened to the program, Isabel pointed out the various mayors, governors, and legislators in attendance. I had no idea that so many dignitaries involved themselves in the work of the CCR. This sparked a strong sense of inspiration in me that grew throughout the rest of the event.

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Cuentos de Chalatenango: Food Sovereignty and Rural Women’s Empowerment

October 4, 2014

The following is the semester report for the Food Sovereignty and Rural Women’s Empowerment Project in Chalatenango.

To contribute to the development of rural women through strengthening the organization of women’s committees, developing leadership skills through workshops in leadership, self-esteem, awareness of laws that protect the rights of women, and economic and technical support for small agricultural initiatives.

CCR 2014 Rural Women's Empowerment Semester Report Summary pic 1

CCR exchange event for women to share knowledge and experiences.

Duration: January – December 2014

Location: Seven municipalities throughout the department of Chalatenango

This semester’s activities included:
Three training sessions for 89 women participants on soil preparation and garden management to establish the family gardens
Three exchanges for 85 women participants to share their experiences and knowledge regarding the nutritional value of the vegetables and greens they
Elaboration of the Advocacy Plan for the Chalatenango Women’s Association with 29 women participating from 4 rural communities and the urban center of
Follow up visits and workshops for project beneficiaries from the 2013 SHARE-CCR Women’s Empowerment project.

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Cuentos de Chalatenango: Youth Leadership Development and Academic Formation

September 27, 2014

The following is the semester report of the Youth Leadership project in Chalatenango.

With this project, the CCR will strengthen youth organizing in Chalatenango communities, including Hacienda Vieja, Las Lomas, El Amatillo, Jícaro, Ignacio Ellacuría, Teosinte, Chalatenango, Los Posos, San José Cancasque, Buena Vista and La Lima. Scholarships will incentivize youth to get more involved in community organizing and participate in community structures. The CCR will work with youth to build their leadership skills through formal and informal education spaces.
Project duration: January-December 2014

This semester included:
Three bi-monthly youth scholarship assemblies held for the 16 high school students. Each assembly
features a workshop regarding a certain theme relating to the scholarship students’ holistic leadership
formation: historic memory, mining exploitation, and analysis of current events.
CCR team members have given similar workshops in the schools where scholarship students study.
Youth helped organize and participated in various historic commemorations and other community
activities in Chalatenango.

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“Juntas Somos Más”

November 4, 2013

Women at the Natonal Assembly cheering!

Women at the Natonal Assembly cheering!

On October 15th, The Alliance of Rural Women convened for the Third National Assembly, at the National University of El Salvador. Various organizations of women working for gender equality through education compose the Rural Women Alliance, including: the CCR, CRIPDES, CORDES, National Network of Women Leading Change (RMPC) , Research Institute for the Training and Development of Women (IMU) , Salvadoran Women’s Movement (MSM), Mélida Anaya Montes Association Movement (Las Mélidas), and AMSATI, a women’s agricultural organization within CONFRAS, the Confederation of Federations of Agricultural Cooperatives from the Salvadoran Agricultural Reform.

The assembly conveyed the power that rural women are gaining as they organize their communities and advocate for policies that will improve the lives of rural families. Rural women confront various threats in their communities, such as machismo, domestic violence, lack of opportunities to obtain jobs in the public sector, the lack of education regarding women’s rights and laws, as well as the complete lack of educational opportunities generally.

At the first Assembly in 2011, the women discussed the politics of gender equality and the importance of creating a space for female organization. In the second Assembly in 2012, the women presented specific policy demands to various government officials who signed commitments assuring positive change. However, the objective of this year’s assembly was to encourage women to embody an articulate front, and to demand answers from government officials who promised to facilitate dialogue between women and the Legislative Assembly. The absence of these government officials at the Third Assembly was a symbol of their failure to follow through on their commitments. Juanita, the women’s coordinator from the CCR, insists that the next step is to “transform these demands into real changes and to implement new public policy which is in favor of rural women”.

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Developing Women’s Rights: Roundtable Event in Chalatenango

October 16, 2013


Women of CCR

Women of CCR

In the 1970s, the valiant women of Chalatenango began organizing their communities, combating historical human rights abuses, fighting for women’s rights, and against mining. Today, almost four decades later, the women of the CCR (la Asociación de Comunidades para el Desarrollo de Chalatenango) continue to stand up for the rights of their communities. Made up of over 100 organized rural communities in Chalatenango, the CCR comprises one of the four CRIPDES regions with which SHARE partners.

Empowering women to be leaders within their communities lies at the center of transforming gender relationships in El Salvador. On September 25th the Women’s Secretariat of the CCR held a roundtable event  to strengthen this movement through an exchange of information and discussion of current events among the women who work tirelessly to continue this movement.

The roundtable included the women from different communities in the CCR, a representative from ISDEMU (the Salvadoran Institute for Women’s Development), two representatives from the Ministry of Education, and a representative from CORDES (a close partner of CRIPDES that provides technical training and support for agricultural initiatives). This roundtable touched upon various themes, including: domestic violence, liberating women from their silence and encouraging them to denounce crimes committed against them, promoting literacy at the regional and national level, and promoting women’s rights through advertisements on community radio stations.

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