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Relief Update: October 2011 Flood

November 1, 2012


A micro-loan recipient and her 2012 crop.

Last October, Tropical Depression 12-E dumped more than five feet of rain on El Salvador in less than ten days. The record shattering floods destroyed more than 165,000 pounds of basic grains, resulting in a loss of $800 million, 4% of El Salvador’s GDP. Over the course of one week 56,000 people were displaced and 8,118 homes and 900 schools were severely damaged.

The situation was dire, but because of SHARE’s individual donors, grassroots partners, and supporting foundations we were able to send more than $40,000 to support communities devastated by this deluge.

This is what we did together:

  • 400 children and their parents received mosquito nets to protect them from malaria and dengue. The prevalence of both diseases increased dramatically in the months following the floods. 
  • A brigade of SHARE scholarship students carried food and supplies to 20 familieswho were stranded when the only bridge to their community, Santiago Torres, washed away. 

    Scholarship students lead games with children in Santiago Torres after they led a brigade to bring basic supplies to the stranded community.

  • Provided 100 food and personal hygiene packages to families in the Puerto de La Libertad. Packages included corn flour, beans, rice, sugar, oil, cheese, and milk. Hygiene packages included soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, diapers and heavy soap to clean homes.
  • More than 200 leaders from over 100 communities received emergency preparedness
  •  training this spring. Last October, communities with these training experienced almost no loss of life.  
  • In the community of San Jose el Pacún 18 latrines were constructed. During the flood many latrines were destroyed, creating public health hazards.
  • In Tecoluca, shelters received food and medical supplies for 1,759 people seeking refuge from the flooded Lempa River. 

Hurricane Matthew Causes Heavy Rains; El Salvador Continues on Orange Alert

September 27, 2010

El Salvador continues on Yellow Alert, with the Coastal and Central Mountain zones on Orange Alert, due to heavy rains provoked by Hurricane Matthew. Rains began on Friday as Hurricane Matthew developed off the Atlantic Nicaraguan Coast and continued heavily throughout the weekend, causing torrential downpours in El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. As Matthew becomes a Tropical Depression along the Southern Mexican Coast, the National Service of Territorial Studies (SNET) projects that heavy rains will continue through Tuesday and encourages Civil Protection committees to remain on alert.
This storm comes after five months of continuous heavy rains. Soil is already saturated and flooding, mudslides, and evacuations have been common in this rainy season. Throughout the country, farmers have lost their season’s crops and, in areas like the Lower Lempa River basin, communities have decided to wait until the end of the rainy season to plant. Because of heavy rains in Honduras and Guatemala, which feed into the Lempa River and its tributaries, flood risk remains high for communities along all major rivers.

According to Civil Protection, there have been 47 landslides over the weekend, causing damages to highways and bridges; one death has been reported in El Salvador; and some 900 people are currently in shelters.  According to the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources (MARN), the municipality of Tecoluca, where SHARE counterpart CRIPDES San Vicente is located, is at high risk for flooding, and various municipalities in Chalatenango are at moderate risk, along with some thirty other zones of the country. As continued rains fall, risk for flooding and landslides increase. Read More »

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