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CSV Scholarship Student Profile: Oscar

December 11, 2014

Rural Women’s Empowerment in San Vicente

November 8, 2014

The following is the semster for the Rural Women’s Empowerment Project in San Vicente.

CRSV 2014 RWE Report Summary pic 1

Women in the community of El Salto learn to sew, in coordination with Ciudad Mujer.

Project Description
This project aims to strengthen women’s organization, formation, and awareness in regards to women’s rights.

Project duration: January–December 2014

This semester included:
Raising women’s awareness of their rights, and strengthening their abilities to exercise those rights through gatherings attended by 44 women.
Improving nutrition for 30 women and their families through a program that will take place the second half of this year.
Strengthening women’s leadership and advocacy skills, participating in local struggles and local historical commemorations. Women now participate more actively in their women’s committees and in local events. Attendance at community assemblies varied from 25-70 women participants.
Following up on the three women’s savings and loans groups that formed in 2013. CRIPDES led a motivational activity to strengthen the savings culture among the three groups. Read More »

Youth Leadership Development and Academic Formation in San Vicente

October 11, 2014

The following is the semester report for the Youth Leadership Development and Academic Formation Program in San Vicente.

CRSV 2014 Youth Semester Report Summary pic 1

CRSV scholarship students explain the types of leaders they discussed in small groups. April 2014

With this project, CRIPDES San Vicente (CRSV) aims to strengthen students’ academic skills, as well as enhance youth leadership abilities and community organization. Supporting such skills will contribute to the reduction of the high
indices of violence in Tecoluca. Youth will directly participate in the development of different activities to continue the process of violence reduction in the region.

Project duration: January-December 2014

This semester included:
6 informative regional assemblies to present scholarship funds and workshops on certain themesFormation workshops in peace education, including themes such as violence, drug addiction, and conflict resolution are scheduled for the second semester. Read More »

From SHARE scholarship student to literacy promoter

November 19, 2013

Carlos Gomez Marinero, 23 years old

Carlos Gomez Marinero, 23 years old

From SHARE scholarship student to literacy promoter, the tireless work of Carlos Gomez Marinero is inspiring to say the least. Carlos was born in the community of San Francisco Angulo, San Vicente.

Since graduating from university in August of this year, Carlos has worked with CIDEP´s youth literacy program.  The program is directed towards youth between the ages of 12 and 18 who have left their studies for various reasons, such as economic instability forcing them to find work, living too far from appropriate schooling, gang involvement or exclusion from local census research which identifies people and communities of need. CIDEP, along with the Ministry of Education (MINED), CRIPDES, and the International Organization of Work (OIT), makes up the Literacy Alliance in San Vicente. The alliance has worked to liberate Salvadoran society from illiteracy since 2009. Carlos is a proud member of CIDEP´s regional team, and hopes to leave his impact on the campaign, “by creating common conscience and developing lives.”

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Salvadoran Youth Combat Poverty and Develop Communities

November 12, 2013

Not everyone has access to the basic human right to write and read. In El Salvador many people suffer this injustice. Without the work of the Ministry of Education (MINED) and the various organizations working together to carry out the National Literacy Campaign, Salvadoran society wouldn’t be able advance towards the day when no student, adult or young person, has to give up schooling for reasons such as: being obligated to work due to economic conditions, living too far from local schools to attend, or lack of resources to afford materials and uniforms, among many other barriers.

Karen and

Karen showing her group’s work.

In 2009, FMLN President Mauricio Funes launched the national literacy campaign  “Si, Yo Puedo” or “Yes, I can”  adapted from both Cuban and Nicaraguan models that rely heavily on volunteers. A similar campaign was pushed previously under ARENA President Tony Saca; however, it operated on a much smaller scale and all employees were paid. The current program, which serves to provide a second chance for both children and adults deprived of education, only exists because of the tireless work the volunteers put in with few paid employees. The Ministry of Education hires only 26 promoters that are placed in each of the  departments and  oversee recruitment and training of volunteers who implement the literacy circles. Each municipality also has a local program in conjunction with MINED under the supervision of their Mayor’s office, which contracts its own promoters.

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